Top 5 reasons why Bitcoin is worth investing in 2019


The Bitcoin market has been growing from strength to strength.  Today we will cover why Bitcoin is worth investing in for 2019 and beyond.


1. Regulation is bringing new investment

Bitcoin is becoming safer to invest in due to Governments looking to work with the digital currency rather than against it. The smartest world Governments have realised that there is a growing fintech industry sprouting up around this kind of technology, which is bringing investment and creating jobs. What this has lead to is regulation of the cryptocurrency industry; which breathes confidence into the market and breeds positive, investment-ready Bitcoin exchanges. This in turn helps grow community confidence and encourages more retail investors to enter the market. It also encourages larger institutions to confidently start to invest. Which bring us to point 2.

2. The worlds largest stock exchanges are getting on board

As the Bitcoin market matures (it has recently celebrated 10 years of existence) more and more large corporations are finding confidence in entering the fray. Some of the bigger names looking at offering investors exposure to Bitcoin and other crypto-assets include the Nasdaq and Intercontinental Exchange. Hedge funds (which are investment funds, that engage in speculative marketing using credit) are also large players in the cryptocurrency space. There are over 150 hedge funds currently engaged in crypto-based investment, with assets totalling over 1 billion dollars.

3. Bitcoin adoption is continuing to expand

Although Bitcoin has only been around for 10 years, adoption is continuing at a rapid pace. Looking at statistics over the last 2 years, the number of wallets has exponentially increased and is not particularly related to the price of Bitcoin itself. Another strong indicator of continued growth is increased of trading volume in established ‘crypto countries’ as well as emerging economies. Many supporters of Bitcoin believe that there is a massive opportunity for developing nations to access financial services free of corruption and with a direct link to global markets. It is hoped that this would assist in the virtuous growth of individual wealth, free of political factors.

4. Bitcoin is not static

Bitcoin is an ever-evolving technology. Although it is decentralised and is not under control of any one person or group of people, Bitcoin has an active community that contributes to its improvement. Bitcoin is an open-source project and anyone (with the requisite expertise) can assist in maintaining its code. However, changes to Bitcoin are usually very subtle, which gives it stability. If any change occurred that dramatically changed its fundamentals, this could have very negative effects. Its 10-year track record has stacked up very well so far and all the subtle improvements have helped Bitcoin enjoy relevance now, with the tools to adapt to an evolving future.

5. Bitcoin’s price and opportunity

If you are looking to invest in Bitcoin the good news is the market continues to have healthy liquidity. Historically Bitcoin has always surpassed its all-time highs after a price crash. The latest peak was in late 2017 and since that time there was a slow drop in prices. However, since mid-2019, the market has picked up considerably.  This has led to many opportunities for savvy investors to make a profit in the growth and strength of the market.