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From Bitcoin’s inception, countless websites and apps claim to successfully secure their users’ crypto.  However, in terms of security, the best option seems to be a hardware crypto wallet. Before investing in a hardware wallet, let’s explore the advantages and properties of one so we know what we are buying prior to purchase.  Let’s start with some basics…


What is a Bitcoin Address?

Keeping it very simple a Bitcoin address or a crypto address is very similar to a bank account number.  It serves as a digital location to store your Bitcoin/crypto.  It is important to make sure if you are transferring crypto you send it to its appropriate address.  Sending Bitcoin to an Ethereum address for example will not work and you risk losing your funds.


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What is a Bitcoin wallet?

A Bitcoin wallet can be described as somewhere to safely and securely store your crypto or Bitcoin.  A crypto-wallet can store more than one type of crypto at a time, but within the wallet, you can only send and receive crypto using the correct address as explained in the ‘What is a Bitcoin address section’.

Hardware wallets are secure, independent, digital Bitcoin wallets that keep your crypto safe using cryptographic passwords but also keep your funds offline until you need to use them. Being offline gives you various security advantages for example if your computer is hacked they cannot access your Bitcoin wallet.  Even if somehow they stole your password they could still not access your funds remotely unless you left it plugged into your PC.

Rest easy knowing your crypto is offline, safe, and secure.  absolute peace of mind, especially for large sums of cryptocurrency. Once ready to spend, plug it in via USB, and away you go!


Can I buy BTC in Australia?

Bitcoin AustraliaIt is simple to buy cryptocurrency in Australia.  

Beginners and veterans alike find using an exchange like EasyCrypto Australia a breeze.  Simply take a selfie, provide a photo of your valid Australian identification and you are on your way!  Just like your account at say, Commonwealth Bank you will have addresses (account numbers) and it will store your crypto (crypto) within it. You can use Polipay which is an almost instantaneous Australian Post payment system or simply use the old fashioned direct bank transfer depending on what makes you comfortable.

For those who want to make a significant investment and want to safely use a Bitcoin wallet in Australia, it’s hard to go past a Trezor Hardware Wallet.

Is it worth buying a Trezor hardware wallet?

The “Trezor” company was the first to develop physical Bitcoin wallets for crypto users, which is why it has an excellent reputation in security terms and longevity within the crypto community.  They will keep your investment extremely safe if the instructions are carefully followed (which are easy to follow for anyone).  An investment in a Trezor Bitcoin wallet is very much peace of mind in this ever-changing yet exciting environment.


Trezor wallet review

  • The Trezor One and the Trezor T are both compatible with Android, Windows, Linux, and OS X, and when configuring it for the first time, it displays on the screen 12 keywords.  Make sure you write these down and NEVER lose them.  This is your backup password.  (Also keep them in order 1 to 12.)


  • There are two exciting models to choose from, the model Trezor One or Trezor T.  Both devices have a friendly design and a very simple user interface that supports a large number of cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin of course.


  • Both devices offer an excellent degree of security and are perfectly valid for storing cryptocurrencies. Despite being similar in terms of security, the TREZOR Model T is a state-of-the-art Bitcoin wallet that offers a more elegant design, ease of use, and incorporates a slick touch screen.




Where can I buy a Trezor wallet in Australia?

Looking for a Bitcoin wallet in Australia?  Like the Trezor?  Buy the Trezor online here and receive your new device without leaving the comfort of your home.  There are also several other authorized Trezor dealers around Australia with competitive pricing.


What do cryptocurrencies mean for the future?

Cryptocurrencies have marked a milestone in financial history since they burst on the scene, and it is not just for their value, but the underlying technology through which they operate, known as Blockchain.

In short, blockchain is a trustless, decentralized, digital ledger that records transactions and executes digital contracts with no middle-man.

It will revolutionize many industries, not just the finance industry but you do not have to be overwhelmed by cryptocurrency, simply think about your mobile phone.  Not many people understand all the intricate electronics within the phone but we can safely say it has changed each and every one of our lives dramatically and transformed many industries.

As you take this crypto journey you will slowly learn the basics of the technology and see it’s many use cases.



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