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How to Buy Crypto in Australia - Easy Crypto Australia

There's a high chance you've landed on this page because you searched 'buy crypto Australia' on Google in hopes of finding a safe, fast and easy place to buy cryptocurrency in Australia.

Well - Look no further! You've just arrived at Australia's safest and easiest crypto exchange - Easy Crypto Australia! 🥳

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How to Buy Crypto in Australia?

Contrary to popular belief, it is actually incredibly easy to dip your toes in and buy cryptocurrency in Australia - or anywhere really in the developed world. 🌎

With Easy Crypto Australia, you can kick off your crypto investing career in just three simple steps:

  • Set up your own private cryptocurrency wallet where you will store the crypto that you buy.
  • Buy crypto using a trusted Australian crypto exchange like Easy Crypto Australia.
  • Back up your cryptocurrency wallet so you can be sure your digital assets will be accessible for whenever you want to use them.

Ok sweet - this all seems pretty straight forward.

Set up a crypto wallet > buy crypto using Easy Crypto Australia > backup your crypto wallet safely.

Where do I start?

What is cryptocurrency explained Australia

What is Cryptocurrency? (Crypto)

A Cryptocurrency is a digital currency where encryption techniques are used to regulate the generation of units of currency and verify the transfer of funds, operating independently of a central bank.

To break this down and simplify - a cryptocurrency at its core is a virtual currency that exclusively resides on the internet, which has no concept of international borders, banks or governments.

Cryptocurrency is a new class of money, a virtual type that isn't controlled by institutions but rather by its users. You store crypto in a cryptocurrency wallet instead of a bank, and Bitcoin was the first cryptocurrency ever created.

Since the creation of the first crypto in 2008; Bitcoin5,290 other cryptocurrencies have spawned, all with a shared vision of revolutionising payments by using state of the art encryption technology in combination with blockchain tech.

Now that we have a basic understanding of what crypto is, let's move on to how to start with crypto by setting up a crypto wallet.

What is the Best Cryptocurrency wallet in Australia?

Ethereum crypto wallet Australia screenshot

There are thousands of different crypto wallets on the market, but for this guide, we're going to use Exodus crypto wallet as our example.

Exodus is free to download and use, supports over 200 cryptocurrencies, has an incredibly sleek UI and is known to be safe if backed up correctly.

Desktop vs Mobile Exodus wallet crypto cryptocurrency

Exodus cryptocurrency wallet can be downloaded and used your computer, Android or IOS device - and you can download and install Exodus and have it running and ready within 5 minutes or less.

Now that you have your crypto wallet, you're going to want to now find a trusty exchange or crypto retailer to buy your cryptocurrency from. I now introduce to you Easy Crypto Australia. 🤗

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How to Buy Crypto in Australia through Easy Crypto

Here at Easy Crypto Australia, we make it easy and safe to buy over 35+ cryptos at some of the best crypto prices in Australia.

Now that you have your crypto wallet set up and ready, your next step is to jump on a crypto retailer like Easy Crypto Australia and purchase your first lot of cryptocurrency.

Click here to head to the Easy Crypto Australia trading page.

Easy Crypto Australia reviews trust pilot

Why is Easy Crypto the best crypto retailer in Australia for beginners?

  • Easy Crypto has some of the best crypto prices in Australia
  • We're one of the only crypto retailers in Australia to have a 100% funds safety guarantee across all orders.
  • We're a licensed cryptocurrency service provider and we're held accountable by the Australia government.
  • We provide active and friendly human support for orders and crypto-related queries.

To jump in and start buying crypto with Australia's easiest crypto retailer, head to our trading page to get started!

Cryptocurrency Bitcoin Ethereum XRP IOTA Buy Crypto Australia

Why do people buy crypto in the first place?

Because you're already reading this article, you probably have a fair idea of why people buy crypto in the first place. But if you would like some more reasons, here is why most people buy crypto in Australia.

  • Since there is only a finite amount of crypto in existence, the more the crypto-economy grows, the more scarce and valuable cryptocurrencies become.
  • Cryptocurrency is stored in a crypto wallet and not in a bank account, meaning that once you own crypto, you are now a participant in a financial realm that is independent to the established Australian fiat system.
  • People buy crypto because they know that no matter where they go in the world, as long as they have their cryptocurrency wallet at hand they have universally valued money that can be exchanged to local money on command.
  • For these reasons and more, people buy crypto as an investment - because they know other people in the world are buying crypto to use as an actual financial instrument - and crypto adoption is growing rapidly.


Crypto Cryptocurrencies what crypto should I buy Australia

What Are The Most Popular Cryptos People Buy?

Although there are some seriously wicked cool projects in the crypto space, it is important to understand that the great majority of cryptocurrency projects will not be around in 10 years.

In the world of crypto, any coin that isn't Bitcoin (BTC) falls under the catagory of being an 'Alt Coin' (short for 'alterntive coin') - and according to many in the crypto space, the majority of these altcoins are deemed 'shit-coins'.

Regardless of terminology, it is imperative that you calibrate your shit-coin radar as you will likely come across many promising projects that are in fact truly worthless. In saying this, there are many many promising projects with real utility, adoption and active development teams.

To avoid making mistakes on random cryptocurrencies that people tell you to buy, it is probably always a good idea for first-time crypto investors to research the 'big three' cryptos before diving deeper in the alts.

This is because the big three projects, Bitcoin, Ethereum and XRP, are three very unique projects with three very unique use cases, and they're also three great examples of what a cryptocurrency can be.

To see our basic guide on the three largest cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin, Ethereum and XRP - see our basic rundown here.

Long term holding vs short term holding Australia crypto currency

How Long Should I Hold my Cryptocurrency For?

This a decision that only you can make, but hopefully I can provide some insight into how long you may want to hold your crypto for.

There are two prominent crypto investing stratergies - Short term holding (Sometimes known as day trading) and Long term holding.

Short term holding (or day trading) is when you buy cryptocurrency with the intention to sell it off again in the short term when prices are higher. This strategy is much riskier than long term holding, but it is a strategy that is very popular with people wanting to yield fast returns.

Long term holding is when you buy crypto with a firm intent to hold it for the long-term future. This can be anywhere from 2 years to 20, and the general idea is that if you buy crypto now while prices are low, you will reap the returns in 10-20 years when/if crypto sees widespread adoption and usage.

I personally prefer to hold my crypto long term, as I know the math behind cryptocurrency technology is sound and I feel sure that if exposed to more people, cryptocurrency will become increasingly more adopted and therefore valuable.

If you have any questions on crypto, feel free to reach out to our helpdesk as we're more than happy to help you buy crypto and kick off your cryptocurrency investments. 🙂

Cryptocurrency will contingency plan what happens to my bitcoin if I die Australia

What’s your Cryptocurrency Contingency Plan?

Developing a cryptocurrency succession plan is something that is often overlooked, but as we’ve all come to realise – things can change fast and it is good to be prepared. 

Sometimes you may have to ask yourself a tough question, which is difficult to envision, but what if you were incapacitated and couldn’t access your cryptocurrency? Do you have a plan if this situation arises?

In light of current events, it may be beneficial for you and your loved ones to include your cryptocurrency assets in your general contingency plan.

Bitcoin what will happen to my crypto when I die NZ New Zealand

Why Should You Develop a Cryptocurrency Succession Plan?

A succession plan is important to make sure that, should something happen to you, someone that knows:

  1. What cryptocurrency assets you hold
  2. How to access those assets
  3. What you want to happen to those assets

There are many sufficient ways of doing this, but a good start would be to write down instructions for your family or friends should your digital assets outlive you. This is a delicate process, but it is an added responsibility to being your own bank.

Since there is no centralised authority present to recover your funds for your family, would your crypto earnings be lost forever if you passed away?

Now, with that out of the way – let’s move on to how to create your plan.

Bitcoin physical BTC coin behind circuits

How to Build a Cryptocurrency Succession Plan

1. Make sure that someone knows about your cryptocurrency assets

If you have a Will, your Will should set out what cryptocurrency assets you hold, and where they are stored.

For example, if you have a Jaxx hot wallet, a Ledger hardware wallet and accounts with Binance and Kraken, make sure you Will sets that out, so that the executors of your estate know where they should be looking to find your crypto assets.

2. Make sure that the right people can access those assets, if needed

This is obviously critical, as there’s no point telling people about your assets if they can’t access them! The key idea of having a cryptocurrency succession plan is to allow a trusted associate to have a backdoor into your cryptocurrency wallet.

Now, assuming you’re a highly safety-conscious individual (as most of us are in the crypto world!), it is imperative that this backdoor is only in the hands of someone you thoroughly trust – someone who has your legacy in interest and not your wealth.

Easy Crypto would recommend placing this responsibility in the hands of some of the likes of a family friend, spouse, oldest child, childhood friend or another trusted family member. Once you’ve chosen your successor(s) , sit down with them and ask if they would be willing to take on this responsibility. Provided they agree, (and if they don’t it may be for the best), it is now time to create your backdoor access by passing on a copy of your private keys to your successor.

You can add extra security to this process by splitting the access instructions across more than one person. For example maybe your lawyer has half of the backup phrase for your wallet, and your children have the other half. Be sure to avoid having a single point of failure, for example if your spouse has one half of the private key for your wallet and your children have the other half, what happens if your spouse passes away at the same time as you?

While this is something that we may prefer not to think about, it’s important to make sure you have a succession plan that is robust, if you want to be able to pass your assets on.

3. Set out what should happen to those assets

Your cryptocurrency succession plan could include all sorts of instructions like donating it to charity, setting strict instructions on how long it must be held or something more personal catered to your unique situation or environment.

Whether you chose to pass it on to your loved ones or donate it to a good cause, having a solid protocol is the only way you can ensure that your crypto doesn’t leave this world with you.

As mentioned above, you have several good options for what your plan may behold, and your plan should be built to cater to your unique environment or circumstances.

My personal plan is to pass my crypto on to my loved ones, with a strict rule that no crypto shalt be sold for 30 years.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out and contact us.

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Buy BTC Australia - How to Buy Bitcoin in Australia?

Buy BTC Australia image

Buy BTC Australia - What is the Best Way to Buy Bitcoin in Australia?

Using Easy Crypto represents the best way to buy Bitcoin in Australia for new cryptocurrency investors. Of course, searching for ‘buy BTC Australia,’ gives new investors lots of exchanges to choose from. However, only at Easy Crypto Australia can you buy Bitcoin instantly for the best current BTC price.

Easy Crypto Australia buy bitcoin logo

Buy BTC Australia - Why Buy Bitcoin with Easy Crypto?

Easy Crypto is a relatively new Australian Bitcoin exchange. However, unlike other exchanges, we are locally owned and operated.

By basing ourselves right here in Australia, Easy Crypto ensures that you can buy Bitcoin 100% safely. We also ensure that you always pay the current Bitcoin price when buying coins, not a hefty premium.

  • At Easy Crypto, you can buy Bitcoin using Australian Dollars. This means you save on AUD to USD exchange fees when purchasing coins at other exchanges.
  • Easy Crypto is the best place to buy Bitcoin in Australia instantly. This is thanks to the fact that transactions usually settle within 2-minutes.
  • Investors who buy Bitcoin at Easy Crypto can also sell coins with us later to cash out future BTC profits.

Physical Bitcoin on circuit board Australia

Buy BTC Australia - How Can I Buy Bitcoin at Easy Crypto?

As our name suggests, using Easy Crypto to buy Bitcoin is altogether easy. To start, simply create an account with us, before verifying your identity. To do this, we ask that you provide us with a copy of your Australian passport or driving license.

Unlike other exchanges, Easy Crypto can verify most user identities in under an hour. As soon as we do, you are then able to buy or sell Bitcoin instantly.

  • To buy Bitcoin, create a buy order by entering an amount of Bitcoin you would like to purchase in Australian Dollars.
  • Next, enter your existing Bitcoin wallet address. Alternatively, let us know if you would like us to create a wallet for you that we will deliver via secure email.
  • After confirming your transaction amount, we will ask that you make payment via POLi Instant Pay.

buy bitcoin Australia easy crypto AUS gif of home page exchange widget BTC

Tips for Safe Bitcoin Storage After Purchase

At Easy Crypto, we guarantee that all payments and Bitcoin deliveries made by us are 100% secure. However, it is important to remember that once you take receipt of Bitcoin you buy from us, it will be your responsibility to keep coins secure.

If you ever lose Bitcoin or accidentally send Bitcoin to the wrong wallet address, coins will become irrecoverable. We, therefore, recommend using hardware wallets like Trezor or app wallets like Exodus to keep coins secure.

Exodus Bitcoin wallet Australia

Buy Bitcoin Instantly at Easy Crypto Today

Easy Crypto represents the best way to buy Bitcoin in Australia with zero-risk for the lowest price possible. This being the case, signup to Easy Crypto today to start building your crypto investment portfolio.

Bitcoin Ethereum and XRP banner

What Cryptocurrencies should I buy?

Since there are over 5,000 cryptocurrencies in existence, it can be hard to choose what ones you should buy.

Ethereum ripple xrp and bitcoin logos behind a mountain at night time

For this reason, we’ve created articles on the three cryptocurrencies that are the most popular to buy with Easy Crypto customers.

We don’t think that just because they are popular that they are worth buying, but rather that they are three very different projects that will provide you with a solid basis on what type of cryptocurrencies you can get involved with. 🙂

bitcoin coin with stacked up coins behind it

1. Bitcoin

Conceived in 2008 during the global financial crisis, Bitcoin was the first cryptocurrency ever created. Since then, it’s paved the way for the two thousand or so other cryptocurrencies that have spawned since Bitcoins inception.

Bitcoin (BTC) is commonly referred to as digital gold, as it shares many of gold’s qualities, and objectively some better ones too.


Bitcoin price history in USD Easy Crypto

Bitcoin is currently the most popular digital asset that people buy through us, at least partly due to the growing belief that Bitcoin is on the forecast for becoming the next Global Reserve Currency.

Bitcoin has been a profitable investment 98% of the time since it was created, and it was also 2019’s global top-performing asset.

Pink Floyd ethereum logo Test

2. Ethereum

Ethereum (ETH) is what could be referred to as a ‘Smart Coin’, as Ethereum doesn’t only act as a payment network, but also as an infrastructure for many other applications – such as smart contracts (Legal automated contracts).

Ethereum price USD Easy Crypto chart historic

It is difficult to detail what Ethereum is in one short sentence, but the video below may do more justice to explaining ETH than we could. :)

Ethereum’s utility doesn’t stop at futuristic digital contracts though, as ETH’s use cases go far beyond. Ethereum can be used with digital identity, autonomous organisations, politics, data storage, ICO’s, gambling and beyond.

Ripple XRP logo ontop of pool of water

3. XRP

Ripples’ XRP is the native token for the Ripplenet – a network of payment providers such as banks and money services who aim to provide a frictionless experience to send money globally.

Often referred to as the ‘Banks Coin’, XRP is designed to be ultra-fast, ultra-cheap and ultra-scalable. It currently takes an average of 4 days to make an international bank transfer, but XRP transactions are settled in seconds. For this reason, over 200 major world banks have partnered with XRP, including many well-known conglomerates such as ANZ, Westpac, Western Union, HSBC, and the Bank of America.


Other entities that are currently partnered with Ripple include The Bank of England, The Commonwealth Bank of Australia, JP Morgan, The Royal Bank of Canada, The National Bank of Abu Dhabi, Barclays, Sony Bank, The Bank of Thailand, Mitsubishi Corporation, and American Express.

Ripple certainly has an impressive list of partners testing XRP, and the list is growing at an average of 2-3 new partners per week.

You can see XRP’s full list of partners here.

Ripple XRP major partners logos

Currently priced at $0.36 AUD per coin, the forecast for XRP appears to looks to be positive. It is generally agreed that the enormous international transaction pie is going digital, and currently Ripple’s XRP is the top contestant for taking the biggest slice. Good thing you can invest in it now!

Click here to buy Bitcoin, Ethereum or XRP in seconds. :)

The material in this article is for informational purposes only – and this is not financial or investment advice. Do your own research before putting money in anything 🙂 

Bitcoin trading Australia chart

Bitcoin Trading in Australia - How Do I Start Trading Bitcoin?

Bitcoin BTC AUD Logo how to sell Bitcoin Australia

Bitcoin trading in Australia can see skilled traders make substantial profits out of the cryptocurrency market. However, many trading platforms have one fatal flaw.

Popular cryptocurrency trading platforms like Binance allow traders to buy and sell hundreds of different altcoins. However, many do not also support crypto to fiat cash exchanges. At Easy Crypto, we change this.

Easy Crypto Australia buy bitcoin logo

How Bitcoin Trading in Australia Works

Easy Crypto is an Australian cryptocurrency exchange where it is possible to buy and sell Bitcoin quickly and easily.

If you plan on trying your hand at trading, we help by making it easy to buy Bitcoin that you can use to deposit on other exchanges.

  • Easy Crypto charge lower fees when buying Bitcoin than international exchanges.
  • Bitcoin you buy from Easy Crypto can be immediately sent to mainstream crypto trading platforms like Binance.
  • When you wish to withdraw trading profits as cash, you can transfer Bitcoin back to Easy Crypto for withdrawal.

Confused woman holds Bitcoin and AUD in hand Purple back ground Australia

Why is Bitcoin Trading in Australia so Complicated?

Why Bitcoin trading in Australia seems so complex is simple. Smart traders prefer to use trading platforms like Binance because of their low fees. Binance also makes it possible to trade hundreds of different digital assets.

The problem with Binance, however, is that Binance does not allow users to withdraw trading profits in Australian Dollars.

There are, of course, alternative trading platforms to Binance. However, platforms like eToro and Coinbase Pro are based overseas. This can result in it taking several days to successfully withdraw trading revenues.

One easy solution is to buy Bitcoin or other cryptocurrency through Easy Crypto Australia, send it to Binance and trade, then exchange sell your Bitcoin back into AUD through Easy Crypto Australia.

Buy Bitcoin with Australian Dollars AUD pile of cash

Easy Crypto Make Crypto Trading in Australia Easy

At Easy Crypto Australia, we allow users to exchange up to $10,000 (AU) of Bitcoin for regular Australian Dollars every 24-hours. We can also extend daily trading limits for users wanting to trade larger Bitcoin volumes.

  • Funds can be withdrawn to your Australian bank account in under 24-hours.
  • Easy Crypto is fully regulated in Australia. This means that we cannot indiscriminately freeze or confiscate funds like some international exchanges.
  • Cashing out crypto locally means that you can save on the cost of USD to AUD exchange rates and international bank transfers.

Signing up to use Easy Crypto is also easy. This is thanks to the fact that we verify new user identities in under 12-hours.

Bitcoin logo on wall street sign

Start Bitcoin Trading in Australia Directly on Easy Crypto

As well as making it easy for traders to exchange Bitcoin for Australian Dollars, Easy Crypto also allows users to buy and sell 42+ different altcoins directly on our platform.

When you do trade with Easy Crypto directly, you also benefit from use of our own portfolio tracker to help you keep real-time track of your trading profits.

Are you planning to start trading cryptocurrency this year? If so, trade smarter with Easy Crypto by clicking here.

Buy Bitcoin with Australian Dollars AUD pile of cash

Buy Bitcoin - 5 Reasons to Invest In Bitcoin in 2020

Stack of Bitcoin Coins on Australian flag AUD Sell Bitcoin BTC

Buy Bitcoin - 5 Reasons to Invest In Bitcoin in 2020

If you are planning to buy Bitcoin in Australia in 2020, you are not alone. Australia currently accounts for 8% of global Bitcoin daily trading volumes. By comparison, the entirety of Europe accounts for just 4.5%.

Bitcoin has taken the world by storm and each day goes by more traditional investors are using Bitcoin exchanges like Easy Crypto Australia to buy Bitcoin to diversify their assets.

Is Bitcoin a good investment fo 2020? To help you decide, we’ll look here at 5 key reasons why many people believe that now is an ideal time to buy Bitcoin in Australia.

Buy Bitcoin BTC in a trolley with price graph in back ground with red and green candels

Buy Bitcoin to Profit from the 2020 Bitcoin Halving

2020 is set to be a major year for Bitcoin. This is because of the fact that in early May, the number of new Bitcoin entering circulation will be cut by 50%.

Most people are aware that Bitcoin has a total supply of just 21 million individual Bitcoin. However, what you might not know is that the number of new Bitcoin entering circulation is cut by 50% every 4-years.

Bitcoin prices have historically rallied 12 to 18-months after previous halving events. With the next halving due this May, many people, therefore, believe that buying Bitcoin now is a sure way to make major profits between now and 2021.

Bitcoin price chart Australia expand recession halving 2020

Bitcoin was the Best Investment of the Past Decade

In the early days of Bitcoin, critics were quick to rubbish the idea of cryptocurrencies ever going mainstream. However, time has since proven Bitcoin to be the best performing consumer investment of the past decade.

Buying even as little as $1 of Bitcoin in 2010 has already seen some investors make profits of up to $90,000. No one can say for certain if Bitcoin will perform the same way over the next decade. However, increasing adoption certainly makes this a possibility.

Since there is only 21 million Bitcoin in existence, as more people buy Bitcoin as an investment, currency or financial instrument - Bitcoin's price will follow and increase. This is because Bitcoin has a limited supply at 21 million, but a potential demand of 7+ billion people.

Bitcoin logo on wall street sign

Buy Bitcoin Before Wall Street Does

Major Wall Street financial institutions and even Australian banks still warn consumers against investing in Bitcoin. However, many of the same institutions are already embracing Bitcoin for themselves.

Fidelity, Nasdaq, and the Intercontinental Exchange (ICE) all currently offer several Bitcoin trading and investing options. With more on the way, this is seeing Bitcoin start to appear on the radar of major hedge funds and traditional stock market investors.

In Bitcoin we trust banner

Bitcoin Benefits from Better Trust than Other Cryptocurrencies

Bitcoin was completely unique when the first coins began entering circulation in 2009. However, this is no longer the case.

Today, there are over 5,000 different altcoins on the cryptocurrency market. Only Bitcoin, though, has over ten years of proof of concept as a secure, trustless, global payment system.

Some newer cryptocurrencies might promise things like faster transaction settlement times. However, all are yet to survive for as long or as successfully as Bitcoin.

Bitcoin accepted here Australia BTC

More Businesses Are Embracing Bitcoin

Is now a good time to buy Bitcoin? The jury might still be out for consumer investors. However, many business leaders have already decided that Bitcoin is here to stay.

As can be seen below in the heatmap - there are thousands of businesses across Australia accepting Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency as payment for goods and services already, and this number is growing fast.

Coinmap Australia where to spend Bitcoin BTC

At present, everyone from Burger King to local Las Vegas cleaning companies are starting to accept Bitcoin payments. This is helping expedite global adoption faster than at any point over the past decade.

Is Bitcoin the Best Cryptocurrency to Invest In This Year?

If Bitcoin prices rally as a result of halving in May, prices of other altcoins will likely rally also. This being the case, Bitcoin isn’t the only cryptocurrency worth investing in this year.

Thankfully, at Easy Crypto Australia, we make it easy to buy Bitcoin and the world’s most in-demand altcoins in seconds. Use our Bitcoin exchange to diversify your crypto investment portfolio today by clicking here.

buy bitcoin Australia easy crypto AUS gif of home page exchange widget BTC

How to Buy Bitcoin in Australia with Easy Crypto

Easy Crypto makes it easy and safe for all Australians to buy Bitcoin, regardless of their technical ability.

As can be seen in the GIF above, buying bitcoin through Easy Crypto is just as easy as selecting how much AUD you want to spend and clicking buy.

Before you can buy Bitcoin through us, your first step is to sign up and verify your account. This can be completed in less than 5 minutes, and verification and sign up is a one time gig.

To create your free account with Easy Crypto Australia to buy Bitcoin, click here.


Stack of Bitcoin Coins on Australian flag AUD Sell Bitcoin

How to Sell Bitcoin in Australia - An Easy Crypto Bitcoin Guide

Easy Crypto Australia logo buy Bitcoin buy cryptocurrency

How to Sell Bitcoin in Australia - Exchanging BTC to AUD Step by Step

Learning how to sell Bitcoin in Australia safely is hugely important for both BTC investors and traders.

As well as not supporting direct BTC to AUD transactions, using overseas exchanges to sell Bitcoin can be risky. Every day, people complain about having accounts on international exchanges frozen. This is why if you need to exchange Bitcoin to AUD safely, Easy Crypto Australia is your best option.

Bitcoin BTC AUD Logo how to sell Bitcoin Australia

How to Sell Bitcoin in Australia with Easy Crypto

Easy Crypto makes it easier than ever to sell Bitcoin in Australia. This means no more taking risks at overseas exchanges. In most cases, we can also convert BTC to AUD, with cash making its way to your Australian bank account in less than 24-hours.

To exchange Bitcoin to AUD, simply sign up to Easy Crypto via email, Facebook, or Google. Once you complete your profile, we will then ask that you verify your identity using your Australian passport or driving license.

  • Wait until we confirm via email that we have been able to verify your identity. (In most cases, this takes just a few minutes.)
  • When verification is complete, create a sell order on the Easy Crypto home page by selecting what coin you plan to dispose of.
  • Enter the amount of BTC you plan to sell. (As a new user, you may exchange up to $10,000 in Bitcoin to AUD in any 24-hour period.)

If you originally bought the Bitcoin that you plan to sell through Easy Crypto, we will be able to process your sell order in under 24-hours. In some cases, though, we might ask you to confirm where you bought coins not originating at Easy Crypto before we can complete sell orders.

Sell Bitcoin in Australia with Easy Crypto AUS homescreen screenshot

Why Should You Convert Bitcoin to AUD with Easy Crypto?

If you are reading this, it is likely that you familiar with other blog posts online explaining how to sell Bitcoin in Australia. However, many how-to articles online only explain how to sell Bitcoin at overseas exchanges.

Blogs promote overseas exchanges because they make substantial affiliate marketing revenue in the process. However, following their advice can leave you out of pocket.

  • Hundreds of Australians lose money every day by selling Bitcoin overseas.
  • Many fall victim to scams on peer to peer exchanges that see people buying Bitcoin later reverse payments.
  • Other Australians fall victim to exchanges that freeze the accounts of international users as a result of obscure security concerns.

At Easy Crypto in Australia, we are a fully registered digital currency exchange.

Registration with the Australian Transaction Reports and Analysis Centre (AUSTRAC), means that we have to abide by strict consumer safety standards. Converting BTC to AUD overseas won’t give you the benefit of the same protections.

Bitcoin BTC price over 2019 2020 predictions graph coin market cap

When is the Right Time to Sell Bitcoin?

At Easy Crypto, we make it easier than ever to convert Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies into Australian Dollars. All we can’t do is tell you when to sell.

When the right time is to convert Bitcoin to AUD depends on your circumstances. However, when you buy and sell cryptocurrency with us, we make it easy to keep track of what profits you are making.

As soon as you start using Easy Crypto, we create a customised Portfolio Tracker for you. This way, you can watch your profits grow and more easily choose the right time to sell. To find out more, click here.

Bitcoin Australia How to buy Bitcoin in Australia with flag and BTC coin with blue back ground

Bitcoin Australia - Easy Crypto's Overview of the Australian Bitcoin Scene

Bitcoin BTC logo

Bitcoin Australia | Buy Bitcoin Safely, Easily, and Instantly at Easy Crypto

First launching in January 2009, Bitcoin is the world’s first true cryptocurrency. However, if you’re arriving here after typing ‘Bitcoin Australia’ into Google, you already know that. What you likely want to know now is how to buy some.

Easy Crypto represents the fastest, safest, and easiest way to buy Bitcoin in Australia. However, if you are new to cryptocurrency, it is important to familiarize yourself with a few Bitcoin basics.

Australian crest with Bitcoin logo on it fading black back ground with emu and kangaroo

Bitcoin Australia - What is Bitcoin?

Bitcoin (BTC) is the cryptocurrency market’s oldest and top-performing digital asset.

As the world's first true cryptocurrency, Bitcoin has been in circulation for over 10-years. Bitcoin, therefore, benefits from the highest consumer trust rating of all cryptocurrencies. However, if you plan to buy Bitcoin in Australia, it is important that you make sure to buy actual BTC.

Several altcoins exist which borrow the Bitcoin namesake. However, only Bitcoin (BTC) is the original Bitcoin. If in doubt, make sure that any coins you are buying are using the price ticker 'BTC', rather than 'BCH' or 'BSV'.

How Bitcoin Works

Bitcoin is open-source. This means that no single entity controls (nor can control) the Bitcoin payment network or the creation of new Bitcoin coins.

Unlike traditional cash, Bitcoin is also deflationary. This means that the number of new Bitcoins entering circulation diminishes over time. This results in Bitcoin steadily increasing, rather than diminishing in value.

Is Bitcoin Legal in Australia?

Bitcoin is legal in Australia. In December 2013, the governor of the Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) made it clear that Bitcoin is legal. However, Bitcoin in Australia is also taxable. This means that capital gains tax applies whenever you sell or exchange Bitcoin you own for regular Australian Dollars.

Coin dance map is Bitcoin legal in Australia
To see the full map, click here:

Bitcoin Australia - How to Buy, Store, and Use BTC Safely

Bitcoin is a peer-to-peer digital asset that exists independently of any central authority.

Most Australians store money they own in banks like Westpac. Bank employees can, therefore, help if you ever lose access to your account. However, no such assistance exists in the world of cryptocurrency.

  • When you buy Bitcoin, you become solely responsible for the security of coins you own.
  • If you ever lose Bitcoin you own, coins are lost forever.
  • If you accidentally transfer Bitcoin you own to an address by mistake, there is no way to reverse transactions.

Thankfully, storing Bitcoin securely doesn’t have to be difficult.

Exodus Bitcoin wallet Australia

Bitcoin Australia - Setting Up a Bitcoin Wallet

If you plan to buy Bitcoin, the first step is to decide how you plan to store coins.

At Easy Crypto, we advise setting up a hardware wallet like Trezor or an app wallet like Exodus. However, if this seems confusing, we can deliver Bitcoin you buy from us to your email in a ready-made cold storage wallet.

Ledger hardware Bitcoin cryptocurrency wallet

What is Cold Storage Wallet?

A cold storage wallet is a wallet that stores your Bitcoin private keys offline. This ensures that hackers cannot steal funds from app wallets or exchanges. However, as we have already made clear, Bitcoin you own will not be recoverable if you lose your wallet or if it falls into the wrong hands.

buy bitcoin Australia easy crypto AUS gif of home page exchange widget BTCHow to Buy Bitcoin in Australia

Easy Crypto is the leading place to buy Bitcoin instantly in New Zealand. Now, we also operate in Australia. As a result, you can now buy Bitcoin directly in Australia faster, more securely, and for better rates than at overseas exchanges.

To buy Bitcoin with us at Easy Crypto, create a free exchange account by signing up via email, Facebook, or Google.

👉Click here to create your free account today.

  • Before buying Bitcoin, complete your profile and verify your identity using your Australian passport or driving license.
  • Wait a few minutes for our automated system to confirm that verification has been successful. Then, enter an AUD amount of Bitcoin to purchase.
  • Enter your existing Bitcoin wallet address, or let us know if you would like us to generate a cold storage wallet for you.
  • Next, confirm the amount of Bitcoin you are purchasing, before providing payment via bank transfer or POLi Instant Pay.

In most cases, we can confirm new cryptocurrency orders instantly. However, it can take slightly longer to deposit coins in your wallet. We must also insist that you only provide payment using a bank account in your name.

Bitcoin price from 2013 to 2020 chart graphIs Now a Good Time to Buy Bitcoin?

2020 promises to be an exciting year for Bitcoin. This year, the number of new Bitcoin entering circulation will be cut by half. Historically, this usually results in major price gains. It is important to note, though, that investing in cryptocurrency can be high-risk.

No one can predict the future of the cryptocurrency markets. This being the case, always make sure to conduct your own research before investing.

Dash Australia

Buy Dash in Australia

How to buy Dash in Australia

A how to guide for Australian Dash buyers

Andrew Butler | 2020

This article has been created for those wanting to buy Dash in Australia.  Dash is a cryptocurrency with a substantial worldwide following, including a strong Australian contingent.

We aim to give you all the information you need to have you buying Dash in minutes.  In addition, we cover what Dash is, how to store it and what makes it unique.

1. How to buy Dash with Easy Crypto Australia

Easy Crypto Australia specialises in simple and fast Dash purchasing. The following animations will help you buy Dash in Australia almost instantly.  If you want to dig a little deeper, we recommend you read the entire article. 

Step 1

Easy Crypto BTC to AUD converter buy Bitcoin Australia

Step 2

Easy Crypto Australia order confirmation page

Step 3


Easy Crypto Australia payment options page GIF

Step 4

Easy Crypto Australia final order confimation page


From here, you can log in to your bank via the POLiPay system (or if you don’t want to use POLi you can use a standard bank transfer, using the alternative button) pay for your order and you should have your Dash in no time!

2. What is Dash?

DASH has a long and storied history, having been around since early 2014.   The creators wanted to take the premise of Bitcoin but make a cryptocurrency that was more anonymous (as Bitcoin transactions can be traced on the blockchain).  At the time of writing it is a top 25 crypto in terms of market cap value. 

Dash logo and icon Australia

Dash was originally named Xcoin, re-branding to DarkCoin.  The final re-brand was completed to better represent what the creators were trying to achieve.  Dash has a unique governance structure that includes the use of ‘masternodes’.  To own a masternode, you will require 1000 DASH that is staked to the network.  Masternodes store, validate and serve the blockchain to users.

The most interesting aspect about masternodes are their ability to vote for changes to the Dash ecosystem.  Without consensus from nodes, the changes cannot be ratified.  Owners of masternodes receive rewards for this service.  Traditional miners also receive rewards.  10% of Dash rewards per validated block are sent back to the the Development team to help drive innovation and fix any issues or bugs.

3. Which wallet will suit you for storing your Dash? 

There are various different wallets you can use to store your Dash in Australia.

Learn More: Our definitive guide to Cryptocurrency Wallets in Australia

When deciding upon a wallet to hold your Dash, you have mobile, Mac, Hardware and PC options available.  Dash can also be stored as part of a masternode setup, to collect blockchain rewards (this is more advanced and not covered in this document).

Desktop Wallet


Exodus Bitcoin wallet logo and icon

Exodus has grown its reputation as one of the most popular wallet for users in Australia and the world.  It’s slick interface makes storing and monitoring your Dash investment easy, with support available at your fingertips.

Exodus is user friendly, is easy to install, setup and get started with.  It is compatible with hardware wallets (Trezor is excellent for this) and provides a secure and flawless user experience.  Due to this, it is very beginner friendly but still caters to the advanced crowd.

Australian’s will enjoy the private key encryption, the large selection of crypto assets, a human support system and the ability to install the app on a mobile phone.  You can also sync your wallet between your mobile and desktop wallets.


Mobile Wallet

Trust Wallet

Trust wallet logo and icon

Dash has in built compatibility with the Trust Wallet, which makes it a breeze for Aussies to store Dash.  The Trust Wallet was already a popular mobile wallet, however, Binance recently purchased the company and since that time, Trust has went from strength to strength.

Boasting strong reviews, high security, a positive reputation and multi-coin support, there are many reasons to choose Trust Wallet as your mobile crypto storage wallet.

Hardware Wallet

Ledger Hardware Wallet

Ledger hardware wallet

If you are looking for another layer of security, a hardware wallet is the perfect option for storing your Dash in Australia. Ledger hardware wallets support Dash and allow you to store your private key offline, where it is much harder to be accessed and used to steal your crypto.

Ledger is a well-known wallet brand, has a strong focus on security, utilises user friendly software and supports many cryptocurrencies, including Dash.  If you are storing a larger amount of crypto, consider purchasing a hardware wallet to add that extra step to prevent nefarious attempts at taking your digital assets.

4. Other tips when purchasing Dash in Australia


Ato logo

It is good practice to have a basic understanding of cryptocurrency tax principles before purchasing Dash in Australia.  Digital Currency is a round the clock trading system, which is unpredictable and has potential for large profits, as well as losses.  We recommend you understand the tax outcomes of your Dash purchase by perusing the official ATO documents here A preliminary discussion with an Accountant that has a background in cryptocurrency is probably your best course of action. 

In general Dash to AUD and AUD to Dash is a taxable event.  When this occurs, there are Capital Gains Tax (CGT) considerations, which are similar to property investment rules.


When buying Dash (or any crypto) you should be focussed on understanding the security in storing and accessing it.  Dash transactions cannot be reversed, so it is imperative you understand how to back up your wallet and learn how to create strong passwords.  If you are using a hardware wallet, you need to find a safe storage place for this at your premises when not in use.

crypto security Australia

When dealing with anything in the financial world, the reality is there are potential scammers looking to fraudulently obtain your assets.  If you are proactive and informed, you will deter scammers and ensure you do not lose any of your precious Dash.  The number one security focus initially should be a strong passphrase that you can utilise.  Look at this article for help in creating a password.  Another big issue with security is nefarious social engineering.  Do not allow others to create passwords for you, trade for you, access your account, or buy on behalf of others.


Find out more about password security: Password Security Lesson

5. Dash Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q. When was Dash created?

A. January 2014.

Q. Who created Dash?

A. Dash was created by the Evan Duffield, and was originally called Xcoin.

Q. Did Dash have an ICO?

A. Dash did not have an ICO, but began life with an ‘insta-mine’ which auto-created 2 million Dash when it was launched.

The big crypto moments of 2019

The Big Crypto Moments of 2019


1. Facebook announced its ‘Libra’ Cryptocurrency

The largest media story of 2019 hands down must go to the Facebook announcement of its own Digital Currency named Libra.  When news of this story broke, bitcoin and the crypto market in general hit a 2019 all time high.  However, after the initial hype died down, regulators began to pour cold water on the idea.  There was significant push back from traditional currency sectors and in turn a significant amount of supporting companies began to withdraw support.  Regardless of this Zuckerburg said they will keep moving forward with Libra.  Time will tell whether Facebook will get Libra over the line.

2. Craig Wright and the Satoshi Nakomoto Saga

Probably the biggest crypto feud of 2019 is the claim from Craig Wright that he is the real ‘Satoshi Nakomoto’.  For those not aware, Wright is the driving force behind Bitcoin SV, a fork of Bitcoin cash which he claims follows the true vision of Bitcoin.  Wright spent most of 2019 fighting on multiple fronts.  This included legal appearances, attacks on social media, and the delisting of Bitcoin SV from some of the largest exchanges in the world.  In a very awkward public encounter with the creator of the HEX cryptocurrency, Wright was publicly questioned about his claims, which made for an interesting video which has since gone viral.

3. Growth of the Lightning Network

The Lightning Network is a ‘Layer 2’ payment protocol that utilises Bitcoins smart contract system to create an ‘off-chain’ payment system, which is perfect for extremely fast point of sale purchases, tips and transactions.  A ‘Bitcoin Lightning Torch’ was started as a promotional test by the enthusiastic community.  This test started with one transaction of 100,000 satoshis, with each person receiving the transaction adding 10,000 of their own satoshis. It became so popular that even the CEO of Twitter, Jack Dorsey became involved.

4. Trump Tweets about Bitcoin

In an unexpected communication, the US president weighed in with his thoughts on Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency.  This was around the time Facebook had announced its Libra crypto, with president Donald Trump pouring cold water on the idea of an alternative currency and ensuring the world was aware of his pro US dollar stance.  Considering his position this was not a shock to anyone.

5. Ethereum Forks

The second most valuable cryptocurrency in the world has finally forked after a long period of discussion and preparation.  Ethereum officially completed its ‘Istanbul’ fork which improves the speed and efficiency of the Ethereum ecosystem.  Ether’s USD price grew on the back of this news, as well as rising against the BTC price.  At the helm of Ethereum is Vitalik Buterin, who lives and breathes blockchain. He has also become a phenomenon on twitter with in depth discussions on all things blockchain.


Andrew Butler | 2020