How to verify your account with Easy Crypto

How to verify your account to buy and sell with Easy Crypto

1. Go to our website.


2. Click 'sign in' to create an account.

easy crypto create an account screenshot

3. Verify your account. You can do this by clicking here, or going into your account settings and clicking verify, or you can try to place an order- they all will lead to the verification page.

4. This next page allows you to choose whether you want to use your drivers licence or passport, If you don't have these, there are alternative ways to verify.

5. Identify your source of funds. This is an important protocol we must take to be compliant with Australian law. Good thing you have clean intentions!

easy crypto verification screenshot

6. Click on the 'Go to verification' button to be re-directed to Living Room of Satoshi (our verification partner) for verification.  Alternative verification can be completed from here (second button) manually if the normal verification service is not working.

7. Fill in your details here.  It should take seconds to verify.  If the system requires more information, you may be required to input further document details.  However once this is complete you will be redirected back to the site and ready to order.

Now with your verification completed, you are all ready to start buying and selling any of our diverse range of cryptos, 38+ to be exact! If you need any more help from here on out, feel free to use our in-site live chat box or email us directly at [email protected]

Click here to start buying & selling today!

Importing your Easy Crypto wallet into Exodus

Download Exodus from their website and follow their install instructions.

Once you've installed Exodus, follow these steps to transfer your balance from your Easy Crypto wallet into your Exodus wallet.

I will be using Bitcoin in this example.

Step 1:

Press Ctrl + Shift + D together to open the Developer menu in Exodus:

exodus screenshot

Step 2:

Click Developer > Assets > Bitcoin > Move Funds:  (If you want to sweep another coin wallets keys such as XRP, make sure to click XRP instead)

exodus screenshot move funds

Step 3:

Copy the private key from inside your Easy Crypto Wallet.

If you need help opening your Easy Crypto Wallet, follow our guide here, or watch our video instructions here.

private key screenshot from website

Step 4:

Paste the private key from your Easy Crypto Wallet into Exodus, and click Import:

insert private key here screenshot from easy crypto website

You're done!

The transaction will need to be validated by the network so it may take up to half an hour for the funds to appear.


Easy Crypto has a tiered verification system. Verification processes ensure we comply with the law, keep our customers safe, and make the world a better place. Read more about the whys here.

To verify your account, follow the link on your Account page.

If you don't have a Australian driver's licence or passport, please have a look at our alternative verifications.

Our verification tiers, their requirements and limits are as follows:

Verification level and requirements Limits
ID-only Verified

Follow the steps on the "My Account" page to verify.

You will be asked for:

  • A photo of your ID (AU Driver's licence or AU Passport)
  • Your address details
  • A selfie

Our system will try and verify both your ID and address during this process.

$1000 total across all orders

2 order maximum

ID and Address Verified

When you follow the steps to get your account "ID Verified", we will attempt to address verify you as part of that process.

If we are unable to confirm the address you have provided, we will contact you to ask for proof of address (e.g. a photo of a bank statement).

$10,000 per day

$20,000 total across all orders

Source of Funds Verified

You must first complete the previous two verifications. Additional information we require for this tier includes:

  • Evidence of your source of funds
  • Explanation of the purpose of your transactions (e.g. trading, investing)
  • Expected transaction frequency and values
$10,000 per day

ERC20 tokens and your Easy Crypto portfolio

What is an ERC20 token?

An ERC20 token is any cryptocurrency or token that uses the Ethereum blockchain. There are quite a lot of them!

Ethereum was designed as a platform, that other cryptocurrencies could build on. There are now hundreds of different cryptocurrencies or blockchain projects that are run on the Ethereum blockchain. And you could build your own, if you wanted to!

Easy Crypto sells a range of ERC20 tokens including OmiseGo, Ziliqa and Icon.

Can I store ERC20 tokens in my Easy Crypto Portfolio?

Absolutely! Because ERC20 tokens use the Ethereum network, any ERC20 token can be safely stored in your Easy Crypto portfolio, just like Ethereum itself.

However, there is one catch....

...It's called Gas.

The Ethereum network has a fee (called "gas") for every transaction made on the network. These fees are only charged if you are sending your cryptocurrency to a new address. If you are simply holding your cryptocurrency there is no fee.

If you want to move your ERC20 token from your Easy Crypto portfolio to another address, you will need to have enough Ethereum at your address to cover the "gas" for the transaction. The price of gas varies, but is a very small amount, e.g. 0.0005 Ethereum.

How do I move ERC20 tokens out of my Easy Crypto Portfolio?

If there is an official wallet for your coin, then you should be able to "sweep" your private key into that wallet without requiring any gas. No gas is required because you are not moving your coins from one address to another, you're just using that wallet to access the coins at the address they are already at.

Alternatively, you can use MyEtherWallet. Again, you don't need gas to access your coins using MyEtherWallet.

However, you will need ETH for gas if you wish to send your coins to a new wallet address or to an exchange.

How to send more currency to your existing Portfolio

To make another order and send to your existing Portfolio, all you'll need is the coin's public address from inside your Portfolio.

Important: You can only send coins to an address of the same type of coin. Bitcoin can only go to a Bitcoin address. Only Ripple can go to a Ripple address, etc.

Here is an example using Bitcoin, but the same process applies to any of our coins.

1. Open your Portfolio, and copy the public address ("Your address") from your previous Bitcoin order:

screenshot highlighting wallet adress

2. Make a new order and choose the "My existing address" option:

my existing address screenshot from website

3. Select Bitcoin as the coin you want to purchase, and enter a AUD amount.

4. Click Buy Now.

5. Paste in the Bitcoin address from Step 1:

screenshot from easy crypto website

6. Complete the order, and the funds will arrive into your same Portfolio address!

Please note: Your existing Portfolio file will not automatically update the balance shown when you open it. To check that you have received the funds, you'll need to click the link to "Check live balance":

check live balance feature from main website

Think of the Portfolio as a letter that we've sent you, where we've told you that we transferred $100 to your bank account (your public address). It also contains the password to your bank account (your private key).

Now imagine that a month later we send you another $500 to your bank account. The letter you have would still only talk about the $100 that we originally sent you, because the letter doesn't actually know anything about your bank account - it was just an informative one-time thing.

Well that's exactly how our Portfolio works! It's just a highly secure way to send you some information. But it isn't able to know what the true balance of your account is, because only you have access to your account.

Now your next question might be to say "Well in that case, why don't you just send me a new letter with the updated balances?"

Unfortunately we can't do that either, because we have no way of knowing whether you have spent money from your account between letters. Only you have access to your true balances.

To verify your own balance, just click the link to check your live balance.

The address for each of your coins is inside your Portfolio, and it you can put your address into an online balance checker without any risk. Just take care: Do NOT put the private key into any online checker! The key is what gives people full access to your cryptocurrency.

How to use MyEtherWallet in Australia

How to use MyEtherWallet in Australia


You don't need to send your coins from your Easy Crypto Wallet to MyEtherWallet, you just open MyEtherWallet using your private key.

First, make sure that you are using the official site:

You may wish to consider running MyEtherWallet locally for full security:

How to send:

Click on Send Ether & Tokens in the top bar, and choose to log in with Private key.

Paste the private key from your Portfolio in the box on the right.

my ether wallet screenshot with private key highlighted


Once you're logged in, you can add an address to send to, and send your Ethereum:



send and receive ether tokens screenshot


If you have any questions, contact us at [email protected] or contact MyEtherWallet support.


Introducing your Portfolio

About your Wallet

Your Easy Crypto Wallet (previously called a 'portfolio') is what’s called a “cold wallet”. This means that it is completely offline, and impervious to any attacks or hacking. It is encrypted with the latest AES 256-bit CBC encryption. For the safest storage, put it on a USB drive, and store it in a physically secure location.  It is extremely important that you memorise the passphrase you use to unlock your wallet.  This passphrase is like the P.I.N to your bank account.  Do not share it with anyone.

Open your Portfolio

Open the "completed order" email from Easy Crypto, and save your wallet to your computer or device. Then head to to open it up. Use the pass phrase that you wrote down when you ordered.

If you run into any trouble, have a read of our help article on Opening your Portfolio.

Verify your balance

To verify that your balance exists, you can use an online balance checker. Put ONLY your receive address into the balance checking websites, NOT your private key. You’ll find these addresses inside your wallet. We have a list of some reliable balance checkers in this article: How to verify your balance.

Please be aware that it may take several hours before the funds appear at your address - this depends on how fast the exchanges send it.

How do I send my coins to an exchange or another wallet?

If you wish to spend the coins in your wallet or transfer them elsewhere, you’ll need to use your private key for that. You'll find the private key inside your wallet.

Have a read of this help article for full details: How to move your cryptocurrency to a different wallet.

I have more questions!

Use the search function at the top of this page, or have a read through our Frequently Asked Questions. For most people, this will answer everything you want to know.

If you can't find what you're looking for, there is a link at the bottom of the FAQ page to create a support ticket.

How to import your coins into Jaxx

Jaxx enables you to transfer funds from a paper wallet or even a standard address through the Private Key, to your current Jaxx Wallet. This will empty the paper wallet address and add its balance to your Jaxx wallet through a standard funds transfer transaction (that also requires the miner fees to be paid).

There are two ways to transfer a paper wallet's funds.

QR code scan (mobile and tablet versions only)

  1. Select the Menu at the top right of the main Jaxx screen.
  2. Select Tools
  3. Select Transfer Paper Wallet
    jaxx wallet screenshot transfer paper wallet
  4. Read the message on the first screen and then tap/click on I UNDERSTAND
  5. Scan the QR code of the paper wallet's PRIVATE KEY by selecting the camera icon next to the input field.
    jaxx wallet screenshot enter private key
  6. After you scan the Private Key, select Next from the bottom right corner.
  7. A confirmation screen will tell you what the balance is for the wallet you are trying to swipe and will ask for your confirmation.
    jaxx wallet private key and balance
  8. If everything looks correct, select TRANSFER TO JAXX to complete the process.

Manual entry

If you are using a Jaxx browser extension or the desktop version, you will need to enter the wallet's private key manually. To do so:

  1. Select the Menu at the top right of the main Jaxx screen.
  2. Select Tools
  3. Select Transfer Paper Wallet
    paper wallet transfer jaxx wallet
  4. Read the message on the first screen and then tap/click on I UNDERSTAND
  5. Type in or paste the wallet's private key and select Next.
  6. A confirmation screen will tell you what the balance is for the wallet you are trying to swipe and will ask for your confirmation, ex.:
    jaxx wallet private key and balance screenshot
  7. If everything looks correct, select TRANSFER TO JAXX to complete the process.



- Currencies that can be swiped in Jaxx at the moment:

  • Bitcoin (BTC)
  • Bitcoin Cash (BCH)
  • Ethereum (ETH)
  • Ethereum Classic (ETC)
  • ZCash (ZEC)
  • DASH
  • Litecoin (LTC)

- To ensure full functionality please be sure to have the latest version of Jaxx installed. You can get the latest version of Jaxx by going to:

How to import and transfer from Toast wallet

Import into Toast Wallet


Download and install Toast Wallet from their official site:

Add an account, and choose to "Add Existing Address":


toast wallet add existing address screenshot


On the next page, put in your private key where it says "Ripple Secret". You don't need to fill in the "Ripple Address" field. The "Passphrase" is the password you created when you installed Toast Wallet. This is not your Portfolio pass phrase :)



ripple secret toast wallet screenshot

If you get an error message saying the address is not "activated", please check the status of that Ripple address using Bithomp:

Put your public address into the Bithomp explorer - DO NOT PUT YOUR PRIVATE KEY!

If the address is activated, you should see something like the below. If it shows a transaction but not an activation, you may need to wait a day or two before your funds are available.


xrp toast wallet balance

Send from Toast Wallet

Once you have imported your funds, you can then send from Toast.

To send from Toast Wallet, choose the $ symbol at the bottom, and enter the "To Address" where you would like to send it:


send from toast wallet sceenshot