Advantages of Easy Crypto vs Coinspot

• Easy Crypto allows you to create your wallet instantly through our system which emails you all the information required for YOU to own all your private keys and crypto on YOUR computer or device

• Easy Crypto has the quickest verification of all exchanges including Coinspot with 24-hour customer service.

• Here at Easy Crypto, we utilize an instant messaging chat system with staff online 24/7 to talk you through any issues from verification to purchasing Cryptocurrency whereas Coinspot does not.

• Most orders through Easy Crypto are completed in under 2 minutes via PoliPay which is an Australia Post payment system

• Easy Crypto has another awesome feature that Coinspot does not. This is the Easy Crypto Portfolio Tracker. Let me explain this in a little bit more detail as it is a fantastic addition to your cryptocurrency purchases.


Easy Crypto Portfolio Tracker

Track your profits…..
We’ve taken the hard work out of watching your nest egg grow.
Every trade you make with us is automatically added onto your own Portfolio Tracker, so you can stay current with every movement the market makes.
If you have trades from other brokers that’s no problem – you can manually add any of the top 1000 coins tracked by CoinMarketCap.
Now back to the list…..

• Easy Crypto allows you to create an account, verify, make a purchase and then provide ANY wallet address you like, which we will deposit directly into. Coinspot does not.

• Coinspot provides you with an ‘Exchange’ wallet. Or a wallet that both you and Coinspot control. But if, for example, Coinspot got hacked or went down, your investments are at high risk of going with them.

• If Easy Crypto ever got breached or hacked your valuable Bitcoin would be safe in your wallet so the risk is negated.

• Easy Crypto prides its self on providing Bitcoin, Cryptocurrency and Blockchain technology guides, tutorials and educational information to help lift the customer’s knowledge within the field staying true to the values of decentralization and freedom of information.